With respect to studies and educational practices for kids, NPS Vidyaranyapura is one of Bangalore’s best CBSE schools. The curriculum for the kindergarten section is one of the finest. Kindergarten is the most initial years of a strong learning foundation for your child. Hence, you must secure your child’s future with the finest education and only with the best – NPS Vidyaranyapura.

The kindergarten program is a meticulously curated interactive learning methodology that aims to support children with an exceptional educational base. This three-year education is available for children aged 3 to 5.

Four years old commence with kindergarten and continue for two years until Class 1. In student centred environment we endorse holistic development which is needed for ongoing success in the smart classroom. Children are bestowed with the opportunity to partake in activities that entail play, arts, tales and crafts apart from studying the language(s), math and science.

The social aspect of learning is recognized in kindergarten, and students are coaxed to contribute individually and as a class.

A child’s baby steps into literacy occur in the locale of rich languages, cultures, and famous tales. Students are absorbed in a language-rich ambience as they hear stories read loudly, practice new songs, and recite poems. The kindergarten curriculum at NPS Vidyaranyapura – one of Bangalore’s best CBSE schools aids in a strong foundation for school and life beyond.

The NPS is one of Bangalore’s best schools in Vidyaranyapura. The curriculum is detailed and flawless, with a structure that is adaptable and easy to select. It mixes teacher-led learning with child-focused discoveries. The ratio of teacher to student ratio is sternly followed and is supported by a team that is compassionate, understanding, and well-trained support team.

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