Middle & Secondary School

Middle school students are recognised to be a group full of enthusiasm and energy. They generally enjoy exploring and also love to stay active while they learn. Activities like the inter-house and inter-school are one of the few methods of keeping them involved. This is why NPS Vidyaranyapura, one of the best CBSE schools in Bangalore ensure that all the students get a chance to indulge in these opportunities.

They get to contest with other schools. This can help them develop their leadership abilities apart from learning from their peers from different schools and houses.

Middle school is a phase of hard work apart from fun and learning. The classes are taken up by versatile experienced teachers who have been present there for years, making sure that the students receive the best possible education.


NPS presents an improved learning ambience for middle school students where they would stand testimony to many new experiences. This is definitely a stimulating period for students as they expand their horizons by learning a range of subjects and garner experience under group work.  

At NPS Vidyaranyapura, one of Bangalore’s best CBSE schools, core subjects that are part of the curriculum entail General Science, Social Science, and Mathematics are further divided into smaller parts to help the students learn each subject exhaustively. Without a doubt, we can confidently say that we enable our students with the best standards of learning.   

Mathematics teachers involve students in math investigatory projects. In General Science, students learn Chemistry, Physics, and Biology, while Social Science is divided into History, Civics, and Geography. Technical skill development and third language systems are the core of a middle school student’s curriculum.

Touted as one of Bangalore’s best schools, NPS Vidyaranyapura not just familiarises your child with a deep knowledge of the subjects but also makes sure the child comprehends what is being taught. Mulling on giving the best education for your child? Think no further than NPS Vidyaranyapura to secure a bright academic future for your child. 

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