NPS Vidyaranyapura is one of Bangalore’s best CBSE schools. Our Montessori structure complies with the varied age groups principle, which forms a strong sense of community via collective interaction and learning. Under the guidance of skilled professionals, the “specially curated ambience” allow children to move freely and choose from a choice of interaction and play.

Montessori usually commences when a child attains the age of 3. The educational approach of the Montessori system aids in motivating the child’s natural activities and interests in lieu of utilising formal teaching methodology. The progress of a child’s practical skills and approach are ranked in a Montessori smart classroom. Maria Montessori, a doctor is the architect of this astounding notion. It lays a crucial dependence on self-reliance and maintains it, so that children can begin learning in a surrounding that is satisfactorily motivating and equipping.

montessori school

We aim to sustain a supportive environment where students develop intellectually as they preserve their passion, intelligence, sense of wonder, and where social grace, joy, independence and self-discipline are moulded into the child. We target to achieve a pleasing ambience where endowing the kids prepares them not only for school but also for their future life.

The self-paced, self-directed nature of the Montessori practice is backed by experienced, sympathetic teachers, peer leadership and an atmosphere that is understanding. We offer flexibility and reassurance to connect ideas to the students. They behave courageously, coordinate effectively, and reason critically. What better results could you hope for your kids?

Your child will be a part of a child-focused learning environment that promotes a love of learning with the help of play and inquiry-based teaching methodologies. Respecting and valuing different cultures and co-students can help in nurturing social awareness and self-assurance.

The Montessori program offered by NPS, the best CBSE school in Vidyaranyapura, is curated and based on time-honoured multi-sensory and progressive learning methods. The Montessori program is structured for kids between the ages of 3 and 5 and offers worthy learning experiences.

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