How Does Physical Education Contribute In The School Curriculum?
npsjpr_admin January 17, 2023

How Does Physical Education Contribute In The School Curriculum?


Physical fitness is necessary to lead a healthy lifestyle. Physical Education (PE) is a vital subject to encourage and educate students in schools and universities about its benefits. The curriculum of Physical Education varies from school to school. At the very least, it includes exposure to aquatics, conditioning activities, gymnastics, individual/dual sports, team sports, rhythms, and dance. 

NPS Vidyaranyapura, located in Banglore, offers Yoga classes with an equipped yoga instructor for all its students. The NPS School offers various sports aimed at developing growing children. It is also among the high-rated schools in Yelahanka. 

Schools and universities offering Physical Education are integral to a student’s health, and the results affect the academic section. Here are the benefits of the Physical Education curriculum and why it is necessary:

Benefits of Physical Activities

Taking part in physical sports is integral for kids of growing age. The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services recommends daily physical activity for kids aged 6–17 years. Physical sports have a direct correlation with our health and well-being. 

(1) They can lead to a build of healthy bones.

(2) They help in improving an individual’s strength and endurance.

(3) Physical activities help to relieve stress and anxiety.

(4) They can help in controlling weight and reducing obesity risks. 

(5) They also help balance good blood pressure and cholesterol levels.

(6) They also reduce the chances of chronic depression. 

(7) They are likely to boost the self-esteem of an individual. 

(8) Physical activities promote psychological well-being. 

Physical Education and its importance for school students:

Physical Education has many positive effects on students’ overall learning experiences in school.

(1) Physical sports can increase concentration levels and help students focus. It will only reflect positively on a student’s grades. It can also help in a better improvement overall. 

(2) Students who indulge in sports also get healthy and better quality sleep, which helps them be more attentive. 

(3) Schools and exams can burden students with stress and negatively affect their grades. Physical sports can help students in relieving stress. 

(4) Developing healthy habits from a young age is crucial. Students who play sports are more likely to have a healthy lifestyle. 

(5) Sports teach us many things, leadership and team dynamics being one of those. Through these sports, students can learn these skills: which will help them navigate real-life problems. 

(6) Sports also teach us discipline. It is only essential that students learn this skill which they can apply in their life to motivate themselves. 

(7) Students can gain confidence from playing sports. It will have a vast positive impact on their lives. 

(8) Students in Physical Education will have improved behavior in school. 


Physical Education is necessary for the school curriculum. Physical Education can help students in various stages of their lives. It can also help students to enhance their academic skills.  Playing sports teach us many life skills, such as discipline, self-control, and the importance of a team. You can find residential schools at Yelahanka that offer such programs: NPS Bangalore is one of them.

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