Co-Scholastic Program

NPS, one of the best CBSE schools in Bangalore, students get opportunities to participate in extracurricular activities to improve their strength, adaptability, and self-assurance. All curricula hold frequent literary and cultural competitions in which students regularly participate. In class, students also participate in projects that promote social issue awareness, strategies for resolving them, and efforts to build a healthy society. Parents and educators can also promote essential life skills through sessions and presentations.


Sport is a central portion of the school curriculum. We at NPS Vidyaranyapura, one of Bangalore’s best CBSE schools advocate and lay importance to sports and their benefits. The state-of-the-art sports arena is constructed with soft flooring for our student’s safety. We host a series of outdoor and indoor sports activities such as basketball, badminton, volleyball, football, throw ball, table tennis, chess, yoga and aerobics. We trust in developing a healthy mind with the help of a healthy body. Team games help a true sports enthusiast and nurture team spirit among the students who can adopt the benefits in their daily walk of life.


Visual and Performing Arts

Art, Music and Dance are an essential portion of our programme. We have stood testimony to the sheer value it adds to students of all ages. These activities help in enhancing creativity, communication skills, confidence building, self-motivated discipline, fostering bonding, and emotional intelligence. It has been studied that staying active with the help of any performance-based art exceeds in better academic performance as well. Our curriculum has vast opportunities for students to discover, test, and shine via performance and visual art activities which are spread out evenly throughout the year.

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Students at NPS Vidyaranyapura – one of Bangalore’s best CBSE schools are coaxed to take part in various club activities. Vedic Math, Do It Yourself, Heritage, Coding, Visual Art, Chess and Environment Clubs engages students in their interest areas which aid to develop their talents and garner intrapersonal & interpersonal skills.

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