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Addressing Mental Health in Schools: Challenges and Solutions


Mental health has become a significant concern in India, particularly among the younger generation. The increasing pressure to succeed, societal expectations, and the lack of awareness and resources has led to a rise in mental health problems. It is estimated that one in every ten Indians will suffer from some form of mental illness by 2025. Therefore, it is essential to address mental health in Indian schools to support the well-being of students. Through this blog we at National Public School, Vidyaranyapura will look into the challenges and solutions of the mental health of students.

Challenges in addressing mental health in schools

There are several challenges in addressing mental health in schools, including:

Stigma: Mental illness is still looked down upon in our society. Many people believe that mental health problems are a sign of weakness, and individuals with such problems are looked down upon. This makes it difficult for students to seek help for mental health problems.

Lack of awareness: There is a lack of awareness and education about mental health. Many people do not understand the different types of mental illnesses, their symptoms, and the available treatments. This lack of knowledge makes it challenging to identify and address mental health problems in students.

Limited resources: There is a significant shortage of mental health professionals, particularly in rural areas. This shortage makes it difficult for schools to provide mental health services to their students. Additionally, mental health services are not always covered by health insurance, making it challenging for families to access these services.

Academic pressure: Indian schools are known for their rigorous academic curriculum and high-pressure environment. Students are expected to excel in academics, which can lead to stress, anxiety, and depression. The pressure to perform well can also lead to a lack of sleep, poor eating habits, and physical health problems.

Solutions for addressing mental health in schools

Mental health education: Mental health education should be integrated into the school curriculum to increase awareness and reduce stigma. Students should be taught about different mental illnesses, their symptoms, and available treatments. This education should also include strategies for maintaining good mental health, such as exercise, mindfulness, and stress management techniques.

Mental health services: Schools should provide mental health services to their students, including counselling and therapy. Mental health professionals should be trained to work with students and understand the unique challenges they face. Schools can also partner with local mental health organizations to provide services to students.

Supportive school environment: Schools should create a supportive environment that promotes good mental health. This includes creating a positive school culture, providing resources for stress management, and encouraging open communication between students and teachers. Schools should also provide opportunities for students to engage in extracurricular activities, such as sports, music, and art, to promote overall well-being.

Parental involvement: Parents play an essential role in promoting good mental health in their children. Schools should engage parents in discussions about mental health and encourage them to seek help if they notice any signs of mental illness in their children. Schools can also provide resources for parents, such as support groups and educational materials, to help them support their children’s mental health.


We at National Public School, Vidyaranyapura – one of the best schools in Bangalore north, believe that addressing mental health in schools is crucial for the well-being of students. Schools can take steps to increase awareness, provide mental health services, create a supportive environment, and involve parents in promoting good mental health. By addressing these challenges, we can help reduce the stigma around mental illness and provide students with the resources they need to thrive. Thinking about a sound education for your child? Think no further than NPS Vidyaranyapura!

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