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Our Montessori environment adheres to the mixed-age-groups principle, which builds a strong feeling of the community via collaborative learning and interaction. Under the supervision of qualified professionals, the ‘specially designed environment’ allows kids to walk freely and select from a range of play and interaction.

Montessori generally begins as soon as a child reaches the age of 3. The Montessori educational approach helps to encourage children’s natural activities and interests instead of using formal teaching techniques. The development of practical skills and hands-on learning are prioritized in a Montessori Smart classroom. Maria Montessori, a doctor, is the creator of this amazing concept. It places a strong emphasis on independence and holds that children can initiate learning in a learning environment that is adequately encouraging and equipping.


Discover a transformative educational journey as we delve into the essence of our Montessori program

Facilitated self-directed learning

Experience Montessori’s self-paced method with experienced teachers and peer support in an ideal learning environment.

Holistic growth emphasis

Foster independence, social grace, inner discipline, and joy in a supportive environment preserving a child’s wonder and intelligence.

Early discovery at age 3

Begin the Montessori journey at age 3 in a smart classroom, inspired by Dr. Maria Montessori’s vision.

Diverse learning community

Explore collaborative learning within mixed-age groups in our Montessori setting, guided by qualified professionals.

Montessori Meets NEP Goals

Nurture curiosity in your child at Montessori, which aligns with NEP’s play-based learning vision.

Cultural awareness and confidence

Integrate cultural appreciation, fostering respect and aiding in the development of social awareness and self-confidence.

Child-centric learning

In our supportive environment, children cultivate a love for learning through play and inquiry-based teaching.

Flexible empowerment

Encourage flexibility for children to connect ideas, collaborate effectively, and develop critical thinking skills with meaningful results.

Comprehensive learning experience

Embarking on our Montessori journey with the program immersing the students in a dynamic curriculum that extends beyond traditional education. Our smart classrooms cultivate essential skills like critical thinking and problem-solving, fostering independence, social grace, and inner discipline. At their own pace, each child flourishes in a nurturing environment that caters to their individual learning style.

This holistic approach preserves a child’s innate wonder and intelligence. Guided by experienced educators and peer support, students engage in self-directed learning, connecting ideas courageously. Our child-centric approach cultivates a profound love for learning, enriched by cultural awareness and confidence, laying a holistic foundation for academic and personal growth.

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