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Discover the vibrant learning ecosystem that defines the Primary school at NPS Vidyaranyapura

Primary school

NPS Vidyaranyapura focuses on helping primary graders (class 1 to 5) achieve the best of their intellectual capabilities. This age is the best time for students to explore the world of integrated knowledge. We at NPS Vidyaranyapura ensure each and every child gets the much-needed opportunity.

Employing innovative teaching methods, including interactive learning and early exposure to technology, we ensure an engaging and effective learning environment. The primary school curriculum features a dedicated Math lab for analytical skill development, while also instilling a sense of environmental responsibility through various projects. Balancing physical fitness and creative expression, students benefit from physical training and artistic pursuits. Our multilingual approach ensures proficiency in Hindi/Kannada as a third language, fostering linguistic diversity. At NPS Vidyaranyapura’s primary school, we aim to mold confident, empathetic, and intellectually curious individuals, paving the way for a promising future.


Discover a transformative educational journey as we delve into the essence of our Primary school program

Analytical skills

Starting in Grade 1, our Math lab, guided by dedicated teachers, fosters strong analytical and problem-solving abilities.

Early tech exposure

Computer literacy starts from grade 1, ensuring students are prepared for the digital challenges of the future.

Innovative teaching

We use interactive methods, hands-on activities, and technology integration to make learning engaging and effective.

Holistic curriculum

Our primary school goes beyond traditional subjects, focusing on character-building and life skills alongside academic excellence.

Three language system

We promote linguistic diversity with a three-language system, introducing Hindi/Kannada as a third language.

Physical and creative development

Our balanced education includes physical training and creative pursuits like art, music, and drama.

Environmental awareness

We instill a sense of responsibility for the environment through projects, promoting cleanliness and a healthy ecosystem.

Primary panorama

In the primary school at NPS Vidyaranyapura, students not only gain a strong foundation in core subjects but also develop essential life skills. The curriculum fosters:

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