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Can Online Education Replace Classrooms

Schools across the globe and the country had been totally closed during the pandemic. Online lessons in schools were created to make sure that pupils did not miss out on any learning. Two years have gone by since then, and things are returning to normal. But now the question is whether online education will substitute traditional classroom education. Through this article we at National Public School, Vidyaranyapura will evaluate the topic – Can online education replace classroom education?

The overall experience of living on campus, developing lifelong friends, and interacting with people from all over the world are all important components of classroom learning. These aspects of sociability and flexibility help the student learn to be independent as they leave the comfort of their home. It carries off the pupils’ capacity to interact, collaborate, converse, and forge relationships with one another.

Another essential aspect of classroom learning that online education carries over is the opportunity to explore new interests and gain new skills by joining groups and clubs. By sitting at home, students are unable to engage in programmes or activities such as competitions, performances, and fairs that allow them to explore new disciplines and develop other aspects of their personalities.

To learn something efficiently, one must have the means and equipment to access it, such as high speed and stable internet, a well-functioning laptop, and an empty room to sit for a while without interruptions. If a person cannot afford a strong Wi-Fi connection or lives in an area where they cannot find a private and undisturbed space for themselves, these preconditions are both incredibly exclusive and highly discriminatory, and online education can be difficult. Only those with appropriate and accessible ecosystems can fully make the most of online education.

Online education cannot truly replace classroom learning because its very essence or nature is not completely real because the teachers are real, the students are real, the material is real, but the atmosphere is not real, whereas the classroom is a real, tangible, touchable place to teach and learn. 

Interactions between teachers and students, as well as interactions amongst students, are all part of the learning process. The classroom learning format is the platform on which teachers urge students to engage with or participate in the entire class and share the ideas and views voiced by students. These interactions cannot be replaced in online learning.

The advantages of online education 

  • Ability to save time and money
  • Access to the most recent content
  • E-learning improves retention
  • In case you miss a class, you can watch it multiple times 
  • Online education is scalable and reliable

Advantages of classroom learning: 

  • Students can ask questions and get answers in the classroom
  • Lessons in the classroom will not be disrupted due to connectivity issues
  • Regularity in studying is created by the lively environment of classrooms
  • Apart from concepts, students acquire the discipline of timeliness and comprehend their duty in class
  • Students learn to live in the classroom’s mixed environment

Classroom learning is more than simply subjects and topics; it is an overall education that teaches pupils life lessons. There is no doubt that online education has increased the quality of teaching and education, but it is still incapable of creating the type of environment that is expected to exist in a physical classroom.

We at National Public School, Vidyaranyapura believe that while online education has made an important contribution to educating students worldwide, it should not be viewed as a replacement for traditional classroom learning because both modes of education are variable and successful in their own right. As a result, the future of education must have a healthy balance of online and offline components that cannot be replaced or substituted in any way. Mulling over the best education for your child? Think no further than National Public School, Vidyaranyapura!

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