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Fear Of Asking Questions At School? How to overcome it?

March 17, 2024
Fear Of Asking Questions At School? How to overcome it?

Fear Of Asking Questions At School? How to overcome it?

March 17, 2024
Fear Of Asking Questions At School? How to overcome it?


It’s that time of the year when school-going children are finally free of stressful and hectic school schedules and lengthy exams. Every student goes through a lot of headaches with their school routines. It doesn’t matter, even if you go to the top 10 schools in north Bangalore. Every school-going student feels the same pressure when handling school routines. Keeping students’ mental health in mind, NPS school has come up with a list of tips and advice every student should keep to have a stress-free school routine and help to organize and plan their day. So let us dive in


5 Tips for a stress-free routine

  1. Adequate sleep is necessary. 

Every best school in Bangalore north will agree that having a proper and complete sleep schedule should be a top priority. It is recommended that school-going students should have at least 8 hours of sleep. Every one will be thrown off by late nights and staying up. Students become more tired and irritable, making concentrating or comprehending their studies difficult.

  1. Draw up a combined routine 

After extensive research, the national public school recommends that parents use a colorful desk or wall planner to note daily tasks. Such as Breakfast, meals, and homework should be shared with your kids. Allow your child an hour to play video games, read, or listen to music. They’ll stick to the plan if they’re emotionally invested. This way has proven to be useful when implemented properly.

  1. Check that everything is in its proper place

As you rush to get out the door, the last thing you want to do is waste time looking for essentials. Get organized by giving everything a home and a clear location for everyone to find it. Anything a student could need to go to and from class, such as a backpack, books, supplies, shoes, outerwear, food, etc. However, the best school in vidyaranyapura makes sure to adopt new practices like pdfs and e-notes to make student’s life easier. 

  1. Prepare before-hand

Preparing the night before is another trick the national public school Bangalore recommends for a more pleasant morning at home. Mornings are notorious for their frantic pace. One strategy to reduce morning stress and gain valuable morning time is to prepare certain things the night before. Think about what you can do the night before and get it done.

  1. Make time for lots of breaks to relax

The weekend is a time for unwinding, but that shouldn’t mean that students should put their studies on hold. Don’t forget to schedule some study time. It’s important to prepare for what’s coming up next. Participating in hobbies or extracurricular activities is also crucial. The NPS Vidyaranyapura campus and its facilities are available to students during their free time.


Every student can benefit greatly from establishing a morning routine at school. You can make things easier if you plan and prepare ahead of time. And after some training, it will be as natural as breathing. If you’re having difficulty waking up and getting ready for school in the morning, consider implementing some of these strategies. If you’re interested in NPS admission 2023-24, contact  NPS Vidyaranyapura for more details.



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