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How do you prepare your kids for exams?


When it comes to exams, there is no way out. However, there is a productive method to deal with them. Even the brightest students might have exam anxiety.

You will notice that students get more and more tense, scared, and apprehensive as exams approach. It is due to the pressure they feel when thinking about their performance in exams that would determine their future. At NPS Bangalore, we think that one of the most important things parents can do is to maintain their composure and support their children as they study for their exams.

In our opinion, one of the main duties of a parent is to relieve children of their stress and help them to relax sufficiently to concentrate on the task at hand without spending all of their energy worrying. Because of this, we always tell parents not to worry before their children’s exams. Instead, they can use the following advice to assist the kids in their exam preparations:

Sleep encouragement

Children must get good sleep the night before exams to remain awake and healthy.

Innovative study techniques

To keep the students interested in their studies, exam preparations must be made as enjoyable as possible. Children learn best in a variety of ways, including social, verbal, visual, and solitary methods. NPS, the best school in Vidyaranyapura implements the best techniques for stress-free learning.

The art of time management

Most children tend to get panicky as exams approach, looking at the syllabus and the number of subjects. This can result in a lack of concentration and memory. It is therefore very important to teach children the art of time management. Encourage kids to have a scheduled timetable and follow a strict pattern of studying and avoid last-minute preparation. Children should be taught to be prepared well before exams so that during exam time, just a revision should suffice to perform well. For children to handle things effectively, it is crucial to assist them in creating a schedule in line with what we teach at NPS Vidhyaranyapura, the best CBSE school near Yelahanka, Bangalore.

Taking support 

You can always try to find the kids some extra assistance by exposing them to educational applications, study groups, etc. This might help them thoroughly review and retain the material.


You can schedule weekly evaluations for them to chart their development and identify their weakness. Additionally, have them solve previous years’ question papers, create mock test materials, and assign a deadline for completion.

Refrain from being restless

Children are very perceptive and may become more anxious when they sense their parents’ anxiety. Continue to be happy and encouraging in your speech as you encourage your kids to perform their best.

Reward suitably

Children will perform significantly better when you set goals for the preparation process and recognize each goal that is attained.

Remove all distractions

Before exams, you should talk to your child and get rid of any distractions such as phones, video games, etc. An hour of playtime per day with their preferred technology should be ideal for children.


It goes without saying that when preparation is sufficient and satisfactory, exams are just a piece of cake. Therefore, it is crucial that in addition to the formal lessons provided at school, the mentor and parents also step forward and assist in making sure that no preparation for the exams is overlooked. Every time a student has questions or concerns regarding a subject or their preparations in general, the committed teachers are always there to help. We at NPS school firmly think that no exam will ever be too difficult for our developing geniuses if they put sincere efforts, have thorough parental and teacher support, and work hard.

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