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npsjpr_admin September 9, 2023

Importance of Literacy skills in modern world. (8th September, World Literacy Day)

Best school in Bangalore

Today’s world is changing quickly, and literacy is more important than ever because it is the foundation for individual, societal, and economic success. It is vital to underline the fundamental significance of literacy in the present setting as the world observes World Literacy Day on September 8. Modern success depends on literacy since it affects business, communications, work, and education.

In today’s digital landscape, for effective reading, writing, and comprehension, literacy skills are essential. Proficiency in reading/writing is essential for participation in contemporary society, the workforce, democratic procedures, and social justice. Strong literacy skills enable deciphering digital content; critically evaluate information, and online communication. Literacy is the ability to read and write. However, in recent times, other types of literacy skills like technological literacy, media/print literacy, online literacy, etc. are included. Understanding the significance, NPS, one of the best schools in Vidyaranyapurais making an effort to focus on the all-round development of the students apart from reading and writing.


Literacy is the foundation of education, enabling better participation in formal institutions, fostering knowledge thirst, lifelong learning, and staying updated with current events. Further, reading skills are crucial in the professional world, as adapting to changing technologies and information streams impacts employability and career trajectory. NPS Vidyaranyapura, one of the best schools in Bangalore, is educating children for the future.

Societies are greatly shaped by literacy, which encourages critical thinking, active civic engagement, and an understanding of rights, leading to informed decision-making. 

Economic development and literacy are closely related. Nations with high literacy rates lead to economic growth, reduced inequality, and more career opportunities with a skilled workforce. Moreover, reading comprehension skills help distinguish credible sources from false information in a world of information overload in the digital age. World Literacy Day emphasizes the global promotion of literacy for sustainable development goals, education, gender equality, and reduced inequalities.

To sum up, reading abilities are the cornerstone of development in contemporary society. They give people the power to study, communicate, and flourish in a world with full of knowledge. On World Literacy Day, NPS Vidyaranyapuraone of the best schools in Bangalore, emphasizes promoting literacy beyond just teaching, empowering children to unlock their full potential and contribute meaningfully to society.

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