Lights, camera, confidence: How drama and theatre build self-assurance in students
npsjpr_admin September 27, 2023

Lights, camera, confidence: How drama and theatre build self-assurance in students

School can be a daunting place for many students, where self-doubt and insecurity often take centre stage. However, there is an art form that has the power to transform timid individuals into confident, self-assured individuals: drama and theatre. The world of theatre offers a unique platform for students to explore their creativity, develop essential life skills, and ultimately build self-assurance. In this blog post, we at National Public School, Vidyaranyapura will delve into how drama and theatre play a pivotal role in nurturing self-assurance in school students.

Self-Expression and Creativity

Drama and theatre provide an outlet for self-expression and creativity that is unparalleled in traditional classroom settings. Students are encouraged to explore their emotions, thoughts, and ideas in a safe and supportive environment. By immersing themselves in various characters and stories, they learn to express their own thoughts and emotions more confidently. This newfound ability to express themselves is a fundamental building block of self-assurance.

Overcoming Stage Fright

One of the most common fears among individuals is stage fright, but drama and theatre are excellent tools for conquering it. When students participate in theatre productions, they confront their fears head-on. This gradual exposure to performing in front of an audience helps them build resilience and gradually erodes their stage fright. As they conquer this fear, they gain confidence not only on the stage but also in other areas of their lives where self-assurance is required.

Teamwork and Collaboration

Theatre is a collaborative art form that necessitates strong peer cooperation from pupils. Through rehearsals and performances, they learn the importance of teamwork, communication, and trust. This collaborative experience not only enhances their social skills but also fosters a sense of belonging and support within the group. As students realize they can rely on their peers, they begin to trust in their own abilities more, leading to increased self-assurance.

Empathy and Perspective-Taking

Theatre often involves portraying characters from diverse backgrounds and experiences. When students step into these roles, they are encouraged to empathize with the characters and understand their motivations and struggles. This practice of empathy and perspective-taking helps students develop a deeper understanding of human nature and the world around them. As they gain insight into the complexities of human behaviour, they also become more self-aware and assured in their own identities.

Public Speaking Skills

A vital skill that goes well beyond the stage is public speaking. Drama and theatre provide an ideal platform for students to hone their public speaking abilities. Whether delivering lines in a play or addressing an audience during a performance, students gradually build confidence in their speaking skills. This newfound ability to communicate effectively not only benefits them in future career endeavours but also boosts their self-assurance in everyday situations.

Acceptance of Feedback

In the world of theatre, feedback is an essential part of the learning process. Students receive constructive criticism from directors, peers, and themselves. Learning to accept and implement feedback is a critical skill for personal growth and development. As students become more open to feedback and adapt to it, they become more self-assured in their ability to learn and improve.

Facing Challenges Head-On

Theatre productions are rife with challenges, from memorizing lines to adapting to unexpected situations on stage. By participating in theatre, students learn to face these challenges head-on. They develop problem-solving skills, resilience, and the ability to stay calm under pressure – all of which contribute to increased self-assurance.


National Public School, Vidyaranyapura – one of the best schools in Bangalore believes that drama and theatre provide a unique and transformative experience for school students, allowing them to grow into confident, self-assured individuals. Through self-expression, teamwork, empathy, public speaking, feedback acceptance, and the ability to overcome challenges, students are equipped with the tools they need to navigate the complexities of life with confidence. As they step into the spotlight, they also step into a brighter future, where self-assurance is their guiding star. So, let the show begin, and watch as our students shine not only on the stage but in every facet of their lives. Wish to give the best quality education to your child? Consider National Public School, Vidyaranyapura.

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