Scholastic Program

At NPS Vidyaranyapura, one of Bangalore’s best CBSE schools, we aim on nurturing smart skills, dedication, and an understanding of the value of learning in students. A motivating learning ecosystem is established across various levels built on the curriculum of the Central Board of Secondary Education. The teaching methodology is set to nurture application-based critical thinking, culture, problem-solving, and intrapersonal as well as interpersonal skills.

Pioneering methodologies are motivated and interdisciplinary units make sure that symbiotic association between different disciplines is strengthened. A teacher’s capacity building is a constant feature that can improve the abilities of the facilitators to give quality education via advanced approaches. Every smart class has an engaging panel connected to the internet to enable the use of technology in the teaching-learning process.

Early Classes

The kindergarten programme offers a holistic and blended system of education with the aid of the play-way technique. The child-focused curriculum is curated to deliver fun-filled activities for students. They can explore, experiment or observe with other students and wholeheartedly participate in the school environment.

In order to develop the student’s cognitive, motor, and social skills, we offer co-curricular activities that entail but are not limited to arts, music, dance, drama, storytelling sessions, puppet theatre, sports, etc.  The vibrant colours and particularly designed setup are targeted to fuel the young minds of toddlers. Classrooms are equipped with soft flooring for the children’s safety. The kindergarten segment at NPS Vidyaranyapura, one of Bangalore’s best CBSE schools has audio-visual venues for interactive learning.


Dr. Maria Montessori established the Montessori educational approach in 1907, centered on self-directed activity, experiential learning, and cooperation. Encouraging group learning and engagement, it adheres to the concept of mixed-age groups, which promotes a feeling of closeness. Children can move freely and select from activities in specially designed surroundings while supervised by qualified professionals.


At the age of four, kids begin kindergarten, where they study for two years until they reach class one. In student-centered environments, it promotes comprehensive development necessary for ongoing success in the Smart classroom. These young ones get to participate in various plays, tales, arts, and crafts.

Middle Classes

The primary years programme comprises classes 1 – 5 and offers a favourable learning ambience through an activity-based approach and exhaustive co-curricular activities. The CBSE curriculum is adopted and the best practices of learning that are enquiry and project-based are integrated to deliver top results. The student’s aptitude with regard to the main subjects of Mathematics, English, Social Science, Environmental Science, and General Science is fortified. With the aid of experimental learning, adequate emphasis is given to curating and nurturing a robust academic foundation along with an all-inclusive approach and life skill development.

Secondary Classes

The middle years programme covers classes 6 – 9, where the focus to do well in academics and overall development is given due importance. The integrated curriculum gives a stimulus to the vast comprehension of the core subjects with appropriate tools and methodologies to grow independent learning policies. General Science is demarcated into Physics, Chemistry, and Biology, whereas Social Studies is funnelled further into History, Civics and Geography. English, Math, and Computer Science are a portion of the core programme. Hindi and Kannada are offered as the second language while Sanskrit and French are kept as options for the third language.

Students in class 11 have the following options:

Science Stream

  • Math, Physics, Chemistry, and Computer Science.
  • Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, and Biology.
  • Economics, physics, chemistry, and mathematics
  • Commerce Stream

  • Math, Business Studies, Accountancy, and Economics.

  • Accounting, computer science, economics, and business studies
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