The encouragement every kid needs.and gets at NPS
npsjpr_admin January 26, 2023

The Encouragement every kid needs and Gets at NPS

Students today deal with many issues or  challenges. Kids may lack motivation in school because of ADHD, anxiety, social challenges or a learning disability. There are times when children without a diagnosable problem still have trouble living up to their potential in school.

The rapid advancements in learning technologies mean students constantly need to adjust to new tools and techniques. With so many variables and constant changes, it becomes challenging for a student to find a sense of stability. Here is why encouraging students is so important.

Even in the face of uncertainty, encouragement keeps a student going.  Student encouragement gives reassurance that they are on the right track, no matter what projects or assignments they are undertaking. There is more to encourage than just making someone feel good? Yes! and it is scientifically proven. 

Benefits of student encouragement:

1.Encouraging students helps them excel.

2.Encouraging students to boost their performance:  At NPS Vidyaranyapura, the best school in North Bangalore, we make sure to give all the encouragement the students need to be outstanding.

3.Encouragement affects the brain: Encouraging words feels good as the areas of our brain that help us with creativity and cognitive thinking light up.


How to Encourage Students?

Encouraging or inspiring students is much more than saying a few words of praise. Encouragement or inspiration rewards the efforts and focuses on improvement or progress towards a goal. At NPS Vidyaranyapura, we ensure that students are encouraged to show more resilience and willingness to keep trying when faced with challenges.

So how do we encourage our students at NPS Vidyaranyapura, the best school in Yelahanka town? 

Below are some of our strategies to boost confidence in students: 

1.Give positive feedback:

Instead of telling students they are doing something wrong, our teachers at NPS Vidyaranyapura give them suggestions for improvement.


Encouragement does not always involve words. By listening actively, teachers at NPS Vidyaranyapura let the students know that they are cared for and they are confident of their students’ efforts and performances.

3.Show empathy:

Being empathetic towards a student shows them that we understand what they are doing and support them along the way.

4.Use positive body language:

Gestures and mannerism mean a lot to students. Thumbs-up or genuine smiles from teachers can help them feel encouraged.

5.Sometimes give students control of the classroom:

A big part of encouraging students is making them feel like they have a role. Letting students play a more significant role in the classroom makes them feel more valued and engaged.

6.Set realistic expectations:

No five fingers are alike. Similarly, every class and student is different. The teachers at NPS Bangalore set appropriate expectations. Students feel encouraged and motivated when they can see their progress and achievements.

7.Keep it interesting:

The teachers at NPS Vidyaranyapura are willing to switch up our usual teaching methods and try new strategies. Students feel encouraged by seeing their teacher embrace new ways of doing things.

8.Reward and recognition:

Appreciation in the form of reward or recognition does not have to be tangible things.  Our teachers at NPS, Vidyaranyapura make sure students get all the appreciation so that they are motivated to do better.

9.Let the excitement come through:

Students see that teachers are equally excited to see them succeed.  Teachers have exciting ways to celebrate student success.

10.Show students their success:

Teachers do not just tell students they did well, they show them why & how they succeeded so they can repeat the success. The teachers make sure to showcase every student’s success.

11.Get students actively involved:

Teachers find activities that get every student involved; it shows them that a teacher believes in them to help build their confidence.

12.Look back to move forward:

Sometimes it can be encouraging to see how far a student has come. It is important for a teacher to remind students of what they have been through, overcome and succeeded. It helps them see their possibilities and helps keep a positive outlook.

13.Knowing student interests

Lessons should be made relatable to student interest which is a great way to encourage and engage them. They feel motivated and inspired to keep learning.

14.Validate and be honest

When students share, teachers validate their contributions. The teachers at NPS Vidyaranyapura model honesty with students to show them respect and create a sense of trust. It helps to create an environment where students feel safe, supported and encouraged.


One of the most powerful tools a teacher can use is encouragement. Constant encouragement helps unlock untapped potential in children, especially those who have trouble learning. At NPS Vidyaranyapura, the best school in Bangalore North, we make sure our students get all the encouragement they deserve to achieve and succeed.

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